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Most novelty inkwells were made from tinplate or brass and painted or covered in morocco leather. Many are push button actuated with sprung lids.

Inkwells, Inkstands & Ink Bottles - Page 3

Jackfield ink. Jackfield inkwell.

Ref. 909

Black glazed Jackfield inkwell and quill holder, c.1870, (excellent). Sold

Field's ink bottle.

Ref. 646

Fields ink bottle, label damaged, original marked cork stopper, bottle also marked "FIELDS INK" on the back, English. Sold

Figural Staffordshire inkwell.

Ref. 097

Staffordshire wares inkwell, drunken judge drinking from a barrel, the barrel forming the well, (very good) circa 1850s. Sold

Cast bronze inkwell.

Ref. 162

Cast bronze inkwell with a single pen ledge, missing the insert, circa 1890. Sold

Figural boars head inkwell.

Ref. 500

Bronze figural inkwell,  detailed cast bronze, hinged at the rear, pen rest at rear of head, missing inkwell insert, no damage, circa 1880, (very good). Sold

Inkwell, Inkstands and Ink Bottles Continued

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