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Waterman Pens | Waterman Serenite

Waterman Serenite Pens

Waterman Serenite pens.

The Waterman Serenite pen... it is the purity and calm of an arc of shadow... its only aim is a graceful gesture and beautiful handwriting. Its 18 carat gold nib, overlaid with rhodium, and the matt solid silver trim contrasts with its blue body. Curved like a bow or quill, the purity of its line is at one with a gesture and handwriting. The body is curved like a quill, naturally marrying itself to the hand for effortless writing. The Waterman Serenite stands upright open and closed. This is why "WATERMAN" is engraved upright on the nib.

Nibs: The nib grades available are extra fine, fine, medium, broad, stub, oblique fine and oblique broad. The rollerball pen can be fitted with a rollerball refill or a ballpoint refill. Medium nibs always in stock - despatched the same or next day. Other nib selections available as specified above. Rollerball and ballpoint available to order.

Waterman Serenite fountain pen.

Serenite Fountain Pen

Waterman Serenite rollerball.

Serenite Rollerball and Ballpoint.


No longer available.

Wateman Serenite pens are beautifully gift boxed with papers and guarantees.

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