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Fountain Pens, Ink, Pen Refills, Nibs, Parker, Waterman, Dupont, Cases.
Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Porsche, Dupont, Montegrappa, Visconti pens.
Aurora pens from your authorised stockist.
Caran d'Ache Pens
Conway Stewart Pens.
Cross Pens. Townsend, Apogee, ATX, Classic, Ink, Refills.
Delta Pens, Limited Edition Delta, Dolcevita Pens, Refills and Accessories.
Diplomat Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens and Pencils.
Diamine Ink for Fountain Pens. Registrar's, etc...
Faber Castell Pens including the Ambition, Emotion, Ondoro and Loom.
Fisher Space Pens.
Graf von Faber Castell Pens, Anello, Intuition, Perfect Pencil, etc.
Lamy Pens Retailer.
Montegrappa pens.
Omas pens from Italy.
Onoto Pens.
Parker Pens. Parker Duofold, Parker Premier and Parker Sonnet Pens.
Pelikan Pens. Pelikan Souveran, Epoch and Pura.
Porsche Design Pens.
Fine Writing Pilot Pens. A Blend of Creativity and Innovation.
Sheaffer Pens. Sheaffer Legacy, Valor, Intensity and Prelude Pens.
S T Dupont Fountain and Ballpoint Pens.
Visconti Pens. Divina, Homo Sapiens, Wall Street, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Limited Editions.
Waterman Pens. Edson, Exception, Elegance, Carene, Expert, Hemisphere pens.
Yard O Led Pens including the Viceroy Grand, Standard, Etc.
Yoropen Pens.
Special Offers on Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Pelikan, Porsche Pens.
Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Pelikan, S T Dupont, Cross, Visconti, Lamy Ink, Pen Refills and Converters.
Fountain Pen Nibs for Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Pilot, Lamy and Pelikan Pens.
Fountain Pen Converters for Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, Dupont, Lamy, Cross, etc.
Recent Additions to Vintage Pens, Inkwells, etc.
Vintage Pens. Parker, Waterman, Conway Stewart, 51, etc.
Limited Edition Pens. Parker Duofold, Visconti, Montegrappa, etc.
Vintage Pencils for sale by Sampson Mordan, Lund, etc.
Inkwells, Inkstands and Ink Bottles.
Vintage Writing Equipment.
Pen Repairs and Servicing.
Leather Pen Cases, Parker, Pelikan, Lamy, Porsche Design, Dupont, Cross, Caran d'Ache, De Laforet, etc.
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Pilot Capless Pens, Decimo and Capless Fermo Pilot Pens.
Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Pens.
Visconti London Fog.
Aurora Optima Fountain Pens
Aurora Pen Refills, Ink Cartridges and Bottled Ink.
Caran d'Ache Bookmark with all Pens.
Caran d'Ache Varius Pens.
Caran d'Ache RNX.316 Pens.
Caran d'Ache Pen Cases for Pens.
Cross Townsend Darth Vader Star Wars Fountain Pen
Leather Cross Pen Cases and Pouches.
Delta Dolcevita pens.
Diplomat Excellence Fountain Pens.
Diplomat Aero Pens.
Diamine Colour Chart from Penbox the Pen Shop.
Faber-Castell Ambition Pens.
Faber Castell Ondoro Pens.
Faber Castell Emotion Pens.
Faber Castell Pen Cases for Ambition and Emotion Pens.
Fisher Bullet Space Pens in classic and coloured finishes with clips and stylus options.
Fisher Space Pen Refills for Ballpoints.
Graf von Faber Castell Heritage Pens.
Graf von Faber Castell Intuition Fountain Pens.
Graf von Faber Castell Leather Pen Cases.
Lamy 2000 Pens.
Lamy Pen Cases.
M101N Pelikan Bright Red.
Montegrappa NeroUno Fountain Pens and Ballpoints.
Montegrappa Fortuna Mosaico Pens.
Montegrappa Pen Cases and Pouches.
Onoto 261 Fountain Pens at Penbox.
Onoto Magna Tortoiseshell Fountain Pen
Onoto Burlington Fountain Pen.
Onoto Magna Plunger Filler Fountain Pen
Onoto Pen Cases.
Parker Duofold Pens. Parker Duofold Centennial and International Pens.
Parker Premier Pens.
Parker Sonnet Pens.
Pelikan Souveran Pens including the 1000, 800, 600 and Italic.
Pelikan Epoch Pens.
Pelikan Pura Pens.
Porsche Pens, P'3110, Gold and Stainless.
Porsche Design Pens, P'3110, TecFlex.
Black Porsche TecFlex Pens, P3110.
P'3115 Porsche Design LaserFlex Ballpoint Pen in Stock.
Porsche Ballpoint Pen and Pencil, P'3120, Aluminium, Anthracite.
Porsche Design P'3130 Ballpoint Mikado Pens and Pencils.
Porsche Design Slim Line P'3125 Pens.
Porsche Design Shake Ballpoint, P'3140, White, Twist, Carbon.
Black Porsche Design Pure P'3105 Fountain Pen.
Limited Edition P'3105 Pure Titanium Porsche Fountain Pen.
P'3135 Porsche Design Solid Fountain Pen.
Pilot Justus 95.
Pilot Heritage 92.
Pilot Pen Refills, IC-50 Cartridges and Converters.
Special Offer on Duofold Pens.
Sailor Pens.
1911 Sailor Pens.
Sailor King of Pens.
Namiki Pens.
M800 Pelikan Souveran Renaissance Pens.
Sheaffer Valor Pens.
Sheaffer Prelude Pens.
Sheaffer Intensity Fountain and Intensity Ballpoint Pens.
S T Dupont Defi Pens
S T Dupont Jet 8 Pens from The Pen Box.
S T Dupont Ballpoint and Rollerball Refills.
S T Dupont Pen Cases. Leather Single and Twin Cases.
Visconti Bookmark -
Visconti Homo Sapiens Pens.
Visconti Divina Pens
Visconti Wall Street Pens.
Visconti Van Gogh Pens
Waterman Edson Pens
Waterman Exception Pens.
Waterman Elegance Pens.
Waterman Carene Pens. The Deluxe, Essential, Contemporary, Fountain, etc.
The Waterman Charleston Pen Range.
Waterman Expert Pens.
Waterman Hemisphere Pens.
Yard-O-Led Viceroy Grand Fountain Pens and Rollerballs.
Yard-O-Led Viceroy Standard Fountain Pens.
Yard-O-Led Pen Cases in Leather.
Executive Yoropen Pens.
Special Offer on Duofold Pens.
Tombow Egg Pens in Black.
Caran d Ache Ecridor Ballpoint Pen and Notepad Set.
Rainbow Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen.
Parker Duofold Demi Pens on Offer
Parker Sonnet Pencil.
Sheaffer Prelude Signature Fountain Pens.
Black and Palladium Sheaffer Legacy.
Parker Ink, Cartridges and Converters.
Parker Refills, D1, Rollerball, Ballpoint Refills.
Parker Ingenuity Refills for Parker 5th Pens.
Parker Pencil Leads and Erasers.
Waterman Ink, Cartridges and Converters.
Waterman Pen Refills, Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fibre Tip.
Sheaffer Ink, Cartridges and Converters.
Sheaffer Pen Refills.
Pelikan Ink, Cartridges, Edelstein Ink and Pelikan Converters.
Pelikan Pen Refills.
Pelikan Edelstein Ink from Pelikan.
S T Dupont Ink and Cartridges.
Visconti Ink and Cartridges.
Visconti Refills, Rollerball and Ballpoint Refills.
Caran d'Ache Ink, Ink Cartridges and Converters.
Caran d'Ache Refills.
Cross Ink, Cross Ink Cartridges and Cross Pen Converters.
Cross Ballpoint Refills.
Cross Selectip Refills.
Cross Pencil Leads and Erasers.
Yoropen Ballpoint and Pencil Refills.
Faber Castell Ink, Ink Cartridges and Converters.
Faber Castell Refills, Ballpoint, Rollerball, Pencil Leads.
Lamy Ink, Ink Cartridges and Converters.
Lamy Pen Refills for Lamy Ballpoint and Rollerball Pens, M16, M66, M63 and M22.
Lamy Multi Pen Refills M21, M55, M51 and M70.
Lamy Pencil Leads and Erasers.
Montegrappa Ink, Montegrappa Ink Cartridges and Converters.
Montegrappa Ballpoint and Rollerball Pen Refills.
Montblanc Pen Refills from Monteverde.
Pencil, Fountain, Ballpoint and Rollerball Porsche Pen Refills.
Parker Pen Nibs for Duofold, Premier, Sonnet, 45, Latitude.
Waterman Pen Nibs for Expert, Carene, Exception, Edson, Hemisphere, Perspective.
Sheaffer Nibs for Legacy, Valor, Prelude, Agio.
Pelikan Nibs for Souveran.
Cross Nibs for Townsend, Century, Apogee, Affinity, ATX.
Replacement Porsche Design Fountain Pen Nibs.
Replacement Faber Castell Nibs for Ambition and Emotion.
Replacement Lamy Pen Nibs.
Pilot Capless Pen Nibs for Capless and Vanishing Point Pilot Pens.
Visconti Fountain Pen Nibs at Penbox.
Recent Additions to Vintage Pens, Inkwells, etc.
Vintage Burnham, Conklin, Mentmore, Wahl Eversharp and Wyvern Pens.
Vintage Conway Stewart Pens.
Mabie Todd & Bard Pens.
Vintage Montblanc and Vintage Pelikan Pens.
Vintage Onoto - De La Rue Pens.
Vintage Parker Pens.
Vintage Parker 51 Pens.
Vintage Sheaffer Pens.
Vintage Waterman Pens.
More Vintage Pens for Sale.
Dip Pens.
Limited Edition Black Parker Duofold DNA Fountain Pen.
Limited Edition Parker Duofold Lucky 8.
125th Anniversary Mandarin Yellow Parker Duofold.
Flame Red Parker Duofold DNA Limited Edition Pens.
Parker Duofold Senior Brown Limited Edition Pen.
Pelikan Souveran 800 Pens.
Pelikan M1000 Raden Sunlight.
Typhoon Blue Visconti Divina at Penbox.
Visconti Opera Crystal Demonstrator.
Visconti Opera Typhoon Blue Limited Edition Fountain Pen at Penbox.
A Rare Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2004 in Amber for Sale.
The M800 Pelikan Souveran in Tortoiseshell Brown in Various Nib Grades.
Montegrappa Chaos Pens in Silver and Gold.
Pelikan M1005 Black Fountain Pen.
The Princely Visconti Wedding Pen.
Sheaffer Roaring 20's Fountain Pen.
Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2011.
Silver 125th Anniversary Parker Duofold Fountain Pen.
Omas Shakespeare Pen
S T Dupont Orient Express Prestige Rollerball
Centennial Sheaffer Legacy Heritage
Limited Edition Conway Stewart Pistachio Fountain Pen
The Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl Fountain Pen.
Pelikan Souveran 805 Demonstrator.
Limited Edition Silver Sheaffer Centennial Fountain Pen
18k Gold Sheaffer Centennial Fountain Pen
M1000 Pelikan Raden Starlight
M1000 Pelikan Raden Sunrise Red.
Montegrappa Amedeo Modigliani Fountain pen.
Montegrappa Venezia Fountain pen.
Montegrappa York Roses Fountain Pen.
Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen.
Montegrapppa Pirates in Silver.
Vintage Pencils & Combinations.
Mordan Pencils and Combinations.
Inkwells, Inkstands and Ink Bottles.
Vintage Writing Equipment 2.
Parker 51 Pen Repairs.
Sheaffer Pen Repairs.
Lever Filler Pen Repairs.
Button Filler Pen Repairs.
Vacumatic Pen Repairs.
Onoto Pen Repairs.
Leather Pen Cases and Pouches.
Pen Pouches and Cases for One, Two and Three Pens.
Leather Pelikan Pen Cases.
Porsche Pen Cases.
De Laforet Pen Cases.
Waterman Pen Cases for Waterman Pens.
Parker Pen Cases.
Visconti Pen Cases in Leather.
Sheaffer Pen Cases and Pouches.
Conway Stewart Pen Cases, Wallets and Pen Pouches.
Art Pens and Culture Magazine.
Video Resource for Pens, Nibs, Refills, Limited Editions.
A Brief History of the Parker 51 Fountain Pen. From the Parker 51 Vacumatic to the more recent Parker 51 Special Edition.
A Brief History of the Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen. Including the Premier Edition Parker Jotter.
Parker Pen Company History.
Parker Duofold and Parker Sonnet Accession Pens.
The Parker 51 Special Edition Fountain Pen, 2002.
Pelikan Souveran Pens - Info.
Choosing a Fountain Pen Nib.
Burnham, Conklin, Mentmore, Wahl Eversharp and Wyvern Pens Archive.
Conway Stewart Archive (1).
Mabie Todd (Swan) Archive.
Onoto - De La Rue pen archive.
Parker Pen Archive (1).
Parker 51 Archive (1).
Waterman Archive.
Other Makers' Archive.
Writing Equipment Archive.
Inkwells and Ink Bottles Archive.
Vintage Mordan Pencils and Combinations Archive.
Vintage Pencil Archive.
Cloud of Penzzz.
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Pilot Capless Pens and Vanishing Point Fountain Pens.
Pilot Capless Decimo.
Pilot Capless Fermo Vanishing Point Pens.
Sheaffer Legacy Heritage with Gold Trim.
Silver Sheaffer Legacy Fountain Pen in Barleycorn
Black and Palladium Sheaffer Legacy Pens.
Deep Cut Palladium Legacy Fountain Pen.
Brushed Gold Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Pen.
Presidential Parker Duofold Pens.
Platinum Parker Duofold Pens.
Black Parker Duofold Pens. Centennial and International.
Pearl and Black Parker Duofold Pens.
Big Red Parker Duofold Pens.
Gold Parker Premier Deluxe Pens.
Silver Premier Deluxe pens.
Tartan Parker Premier Custom Pens.
Lacquer Black and Gold Parker Premier.
Premier Pens with Silver Trim.
Special Edition Black Parker Premier Fountain Pen.
Parker Sonnet Cisele.
Metal and Pearl Parker Sonnet Pens from Parker Pen.
Brown Rubber Parker Sonnet Fountain and Ballpoint Pens.
Pink Parker Sonnet Pens from Penbox the Online Pen Company.
Gloss Lacquered Dark Grey Parker Sonnet Pens.
Matte Black Sonnet Pens from Parker.
Parker Sonnet Black and Gold Fountain Pen with Steel Nib.
Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel with Gold Trim Fountain Pen.
Pelikan Souveran 1000 Fountain Pens.
Pelikan Souveran 800 Pens.
Special Edition Pelikan Souveran M805 Vibrant Blue Pens
Pelikan Stresemann Fountain Pen
Special Edition Pelikan Souveran M800 Burnt Orange Fountain Pen
M800 Pelikan Souveran Italic Fountain Pens.
Pelikan Souveran 805 Pens.
Special Edition Pink 600 Souverän Pens
Pelikan Souveran Pens - 600.
Pelikan Souveran 400 Pens.
Souveran 405 Pens.
Special Edition M205 Aquamarine Fountain Pen | Penbox
Silver Pelikan Pura Pens.
Blue Pelikan Pura Pens.
Black Sheaffer Valor Pens.
Brown Sheaffer Valor.
Burgundy Sheaffer Valor pens.
Blue Sheaffer Valor.
Palladium Sheaffer Prelude.
Fluted Sheaffer Prelude Pens.
Sheaffer Prelude Tuxedo Pens.
Matt Black Sheaffer Prelude Pens.
Gloss Black Sheaffer Prelude.
Brushed Chrome Sheaffer Prelude Pens.
Rainbow Sheaffer Prelude Twin Set.
Prelude Pens in Black with Gold Trim - 3550.
Sheaffer Prelude Pens in Magenta.
Ultramarine Sheaffer Intensity pens.
Jet Black Sheaffer Intensity Pens.
Violet Intensity Fountain Pens from Purple Sheaffer.
Sheaffer Intensity in Cornflower.
Waterman Exception Night and Day, GT, Pens.
Waterman Exception Night and Day, ST.
Exception Ideal Black Pens.
Waterman Exception Slim Black Lacquer Pens.
Slim Blue Lacquer Exception Pens.
Slim Black Waterman Exception Fountain Pens.
Waterman Exception Slim Fountain Pens.
Black Waterman Elegance Pens, GT.
Elegance pens, ST.
Ivory Elegance pens from Waterman.
Black and Silver Trim Waterman Carene Pens.
Black Sea Waterman Carene Pens.
Marine Amber Waterman Carene.
Charcoal Grey Waterman Carene Pens.
Waterman Carene Contemporary pens in Gunmetal.
Black and Gun Metal Waterman Carene Ballpoint and Fountain pens.
Essential Waterman Carene Pens.
Waterman Carene Essential Pens in Silver.
Waterman Carene Deluxe Fountain Pens.
Ebony Black Charleston Fountain and Ballpoint Pens with GT.
Black Waterman Charleston Fountain Pens in Fine, Medium or Broad.
Lacquer Black Waterman Expert Pens, GT.
Deep Black Essential Expert Pens with Silver Trim, 2011.
Metallic Finish Waterman Expert Pens.
Matt Black Waterman Expert Pens.
Waterman Expert Deluxe Black fountain pens for 2011.
Waterman Expert Deluxe White Pens.
Brushed Stainless Waterman Hemisphere Pens, GT.
Lacquer Black Waterman Hemisphere Pens, CT.
Stainless Waterman Hemisphere Pens, CT.
Matt Black Hemisphere Pens with Gold Trim.
Essential White Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen.
Black Waterman Hemisphere Pens.
Gloss Lacquer Black Waterman Hemisphere Pens, GT.
Deluxe Metal Waterman Hemisphere Fountain and Ballpoint.
Deluxe Waterman Hemisphere Pens.
Deluxe Silky Waterman Hemisphere Pens.
Parker Sonnet Nib Section For Replacement Sonnet Nibs.
Recent Vintage Additions - Page 3
Vintage Mabie Todd & Bard Pens.
Vintage Parker Pens (page 2).
Parker 51 Pens for Sale (Page 2).
Vintage Pencils and Combinations.
Sampson Mordan Pencils.
Inkwells, Inkstands and Ink Bottles.
Vintage Writing Equipment, page 3.
Parker 51 Special Edition Pens.
Premier Edition Sterling Silver Parker Jotter, 2004. A Special Edition Parker Jotter.
Vintage Parker Pens (page 3).
Parker Pen Archive (2).
Parker 51 Archive (2).
Writing Equipment Archive - Page 2.
Inkwells Archive 2.
Vintage Pencil Archive.
Grey Expert Pens.
Urban Brown Waterman Expert Pens.
Urban Silver Waterman Expert fountain pen.
Urban City Blue Waterman Expert Pens.
Chiselled Chocolate Parker Sonnet Pens.
Waterman Serenite Pens
Amber Check Parker Duofold Pens.
Blue Check Parker Duofold Pens.
Check Citrine Parker Duofold Pens.
Barleycorn Prelude Pens.
Parker 100 pens. Parker 100 Fountain Pens, Rollerballs, Ballpoints and Pencils.
Dune Blue Expert pens.
Dune Red Waterman Expert.
Parker Duofold Pinstripe Pens.
Check Parker Duofold Centennial and International Pens.
Parker Sonnet Accession Ballpoint.
Parker Sonnet Chisseled Tartan Pens.
Parker: Parker Sonnet Gold Lustre Fountain Pen and Ballpoint.
Black Sheaffer Valor Pens with Gold Trim.
Silver Lustre Parker Sonnet Pens.
Chiselled Carbon Parker Sonnet Pens.
Dark Blue M405 Pelikan Souveran Pens.
Recently Listed Vintage Fountain Pens and Pencils.
Parker 51 Fountain Pens (page 3).
Safety Inkwells, Inkstands and Ink Bottles.
Vintage Parker Pens (page 4).
Parker Pen Archive (3)
Parker 51 Archive (3).
Writing Equipment Archive. Pen Stands, Nib Wipes, Wax Seals.
Inwells and Ink Bottles Archive - Page 3.
Parker 51 Pens Page 4.
Vintage Parker Pens, 51, 61, 65, 75, 45, Vacumatic.
Vintage Parker Pen Archive Page 4.
Parker 51 Pens Archive (4).
More Parker 51 pens including a 51 desk base.
Vintage Parker Pens Image Achive 5.
Parker 51 Archive (5).
Parker Pen Archive 6.
Parker 51 Fountain Pen Image Archive (6).
Parker Vintage Pens Archive 7.
Vintage Parker Pen Archive of Collectable Pens Continued.
Visconti Travelling Inkwell.
Limited Edition Pelikan Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen.
M605 Pelikan Souveran White.
M805 Pelikan Souveran Ocean Swirl.
Pelikan Souveran M600 Turquoise White.
Onoto Aviator fountain pen in silver.
130th Anniversary Parker Duofold Craft of Travel.
Hugo Boss Saffiano Ballpoint Pen and Folder.
Graf von Faber Castell Pen Of The Year Fountain Pens.
Pelikan Spirit Of 1838.
M900 Pelikan Toledo Fountain Pen.
M815 Metal Striped Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pen.
Pelikan M800 Stone Garden.
M205 Pelikan Transparent Blue Fountain Pen.
Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2007 petrified wood.
Cross Peerless 125 Pens.
Pelikan M600 Violet White.
Visconti Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence.
Waterman Exception Marks Of Time.
Special Edition M805 Pelikan Blue Dunes Pens.
M1005 Stresemann Fountain Pen from Pelikan Pens.
Pelikan Maki-e Five Lucky Bats.
S T Dupont James Bond Spectre Fountain Pen.
S T Dupont Defi Star Wars Ballpoint Pen.
Special Edition M800 Pelikan Souveran Brown Black.
Maki-e Pelikan Japanese Umbrella Fountain Pen.
Montegrappa Extra Otto Fountain Pens.
Visconti Magnifico Serpentine Green.
Pelikan Pen Stand As Figural Ceramic Pelican.
The Silver Crane Company Parker Ceramic Desk Accessories.
Diplomat Pen Cases.
Vintage Pencils.
Special Edition M600 Pelikan Souveran Tortoiseshell Red.
600 Pelikan Souveran Vibrant Orange Pens.
Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of The Year Knights 2021.
Pelikan Pen Collectors Cabinet.
605 Pelikan Souveran Green White.
Montegrappa Amerigo Vespucci.
Pelikan White Ray.
Montegrappa Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville).
M605 Pelikan Souveran Stresemann.
M200 Pelikan Classic Brown.
Pelikan Special Edition Souverän® 605 Tortoiseshell Black.
Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of The Year Galuchat 2005.
Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of The Year 2015.
Pelikan M101N Grey Blue.
40th Year Anniversary Souveran.
GvFC Anello Pens.
Art Collection M600 Pelikan Souverän Glauco Cambon.
M1000 Pelikan Raden Infinity Red.
M800 Green Demonstrator.
Latest deals and offers from Penbox.
PDF Pages
Art Collection M600 Pelikan Souveran Glauco Cambon.
Pelikan Souverän 605 Green White.
M600 Pelikan Vibrant Orange Fountain Pen.
Special Edition M600 Pelikan Tortoiseshell Red.
Graf von Faber Castell Pen of The Year 2020.
Montegrappa Extra 1930 Pen Brochure.
Pelikan Japanese Umbrella.
Pelikan Maki-e Five Lucky Bats.
Parker Pen Catalogue 2019.
Pelikan M1005 Stresemann Fountain Pen.
M805 Pelikan Souveran Blue Dunes.
Porsche pens.
Parker nibs.
Caran d'Ache pen catalogue 2008.
Sheaffer pen brochure 2010 PDF.
Diamine ink swatches.
Onoto pen brochure.
Pilot Capless 2010.
Graf von Faber Castell pens.
Dupont pens 2011.
Visconti pen cases.
Pelikan M1005 black.
Visconti watches.
Pelikan Souveran M101N.
Conway Stewart Westminster.
Conway Stewart Maki-e pens.
Pelikan pen stands and bases.
Art Pens and Culture magazine issue 6.